A decade of national touring and multi city execution with winter themed attractions has led to the launch of Fall Fest Events. Fall Fest Events stemmed from sister company, Artificial Ice Events and is the continuation and love of developing perfectly themed seasonal attractions for top holidays. With over a decade of winter attraction tours and rentals, we have a track record of understanding your events. We provide insurance, trained operators, multi day rentals, in house branding options and much more. We are your one stop shop for farm to Halloween attractions that you won’t find anywhere else. We rent nationwide and year-round and our quick proposal system delivers your pricing before it is boo late, we mean too late.


The Fall Fest Events inventory is designed by our team in house with YOU in mind. We carefully craft and develop attractions that are safe, family friendly, highly visual, have branding opportunities and accommodate your high throughput events. Our inventory is comprised of multiple units giving our customers greater chances of availability and new looks for your event each and every year.


Fall Fest Events understands what it takes to make your fall or Halloween event a spooktacular good time. Aside from our attractions we offer guidance on ticket pricing, attraction selection, line control, floor plan creation, marketing images and even in house branding. We are well equipped with a team that understands your event and we are at the ready with touches that will not make the planning scary.

a proven
track record

100’s of events to include reputable clients...!